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About Blueberries 10-best-ways-to-use-blueberries, A plate of fruits a day keeps the diseases away. Fruits are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, And fibers which are very much required in our bodies daily. Hence you must consume fruits daily and know the right way of eating fruits. I see people making mistakes in consuming fruits, and they eat very wrong, so they don’t benefit from it. They should get the full benefit out of fruits, spending so much money, and eating, .but if it is wrong, then the user is lost.

Here are a few things which you should consider while eating fruits.

Do not peel off the skin of the fruit. For example, apple, if you peel the skin of the fruit, you are depriving yourself of 50 % of its nutrients. An apple with skin has 50% more nutrients, rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essential plant compounds. So do not peel off the skin. It can prevent cancer, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s.

You may need to peel certain fruits, like bananas, papaya, oranges, and sweet lime. Why, those which you can use with the peel, you should use apples, choose, press, pears all

These Are Wonderful Things, and You Can Eat With Peel.

Since we must eat fruits with intact peels, we should see that fruits remain washed thoroughly. A lot of infections and contaminations are there In fruits. Nowadays, they are transported and spread with pesticides, so they need to stay cleaned entirely. So for washing, another alternative will be to take little warm water, saline salt, and dip fruits into it for some time. Like grapes, strawberries, or small

fruits you can’t wash individually,  They should remain immersed in warm water, wash them with clean water, and eat them . 2 Never eat fruits along meals. Fruits are rich in fiber which can slow down food processing. Hence you might feel full throughout the day, so never eat fruits in your meals, which might hamper even your digestive system.

So what should you do? Eat fruits 2 hours before your meal or 2 hours after your meal.

To avoid any digestive issues. 3 minimize the consumption of fruits in juice form. Fruits should remain chewed well, mixed with saliva, and then chew it so well that you can drink it, .but fruit juices are directly in your stomach and becoming acidic. Again that would be wrong. Juice fibers remain removed, so you don’t benefit from fruits. When you eat fruits in juice form, absorption of sugar goes very rapidly .your blood sugar level rises quickly, so as far as possible. Fruit juices should remain avoided as far as possible. Cut the fruits into pieces, chew them thoroughly, and make them liquid to drink. So take a solid fruit and not a liquid form.

How to buy fresh blueberries

How to store blueberries

Refrigerate them when you get them home in their original plastic pack, covered bowl, or storage container. Only rinse your berries before you use them, and use them within ten days of purchase.

How to freeze blueberries

To freeze your blueberries, make sure they’re dry and keep them in their original plastic clamshell, or put them in re-sealable plastic bags or containers.

Frozen blueberry tips

BC blueberries are available year-round frozen. Look for the “BC Grown” logo, and check the country of origin listed on the bag to ensure it says “Canada.”

Should blueberries be washed before freezing? No, remember to rinse the berries before using them.

Man holding blueberries

Tips to enjoy blueberries every day

Blueberries remain packed with nutrients for your child’s growth and development. They are easy to prepare and can remain taken along as a quick, nutritious snack. (Always remember to puree or cut your blueberries into small pieces before giving them to babies)

Visit our Recipes section to find recipes for kids of all ages – perfect for getting your young ones involved in the kitchen themselves.

Child picking blueberries

BC’s long, temperate growing season explodes with excellent blueberry bush varieties.

From July through until September, BC’s blueberry fields burst with vitality, turning warm sunshine and pure BC water into some of the best berries in the known universe. Different blueberry varieties offer world-class flavor, sweetness, and fresh and frozen quality options. Here are a few of the most popular types.


An early variety for processing and fresh market. This heavy-producing bush is upright, stocky, and open. Blooms late produce early and consistently. They remain harvested in two picks—fruit: Large-size, light blue, and firm. The flavor remains maintained in cold storage. Excellent for individual quick freezing and fresh shipping.


Mid-season variety for processing and fresh market. The bush is vigorous and may even over-produce if not carefully pruned. Harvest occurs in three to four picks. The fruit is large, light blue, and firm. Good flavor.


Very late, fresh market variety. Bush is upright, vigorous, and consistently productive. Fruit: Medium size, light blue and firm, slightly tart flavor. Good for storage.

Dried Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber

They are also full of natural sugar, perfect for low-carb diets. Dried blueberries can remain eaten alone or mixed with other dried fruits like

apricots or raisins. Dried blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants. A study in the Journal of Agriculture and food chemistry found that dried blueberries have more phenolic compounds than fresh ones because they remain picked when fully ripe, capturing the full impact.

Why dried berries are so good for you

Additionally, dried berries can remain used year-round to keep your diet interesting. How do we try blueberries? Dried blueberries are a tasty fruit snack but contain nutrients and are rich in antioxidants and fiber. Both promote healthy digestion blueberries are small enough to fit easily into your diet, making them the perfect addition to your morning breakfast or afternoon break at Work, the healthy ways to eat dried blueberries.

Dried Blueberries Can Remain Eaten.

As an unprocessed food or a sweet and satisfying snack, add them to oatmeal for a more flavorful breakfast mix with yogurt and cereals as a healthy dessert, or use us as a topping on your cheesecake. The possibilities are endless dried blueberries are a fantastic snack. They are healthy, full of antioxidants, and delicious you can eat them plain or add them to various recipes like muffins, oatmeal, pancakes, cereal, yogurt ice cream

Cake cookies, dips, and more are the perfect snack if you’re trying to watch what you eat or need to feel fuller faster than dried blueberries. Dried blueberries remain packed with nutrients and are easy to use in any recipe, and they can remain sprinkled on oatmeal or cereal for Breakfast or added to a salad for lunch.


The great thing about dried blueberries is that they are easy to carry with you on the go, and they are also perfect when you need a chewy snack between meals. Dried blueberries can remain enjoyed during Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and between meals.

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