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Volunteer Quotes for Nonprofits: An Inspiring Way to Motivate Your Volunteers (2024)

Volunteer Quotes for Nonprofits: An Inspiring Way to Motivate Your Volunteers (2023)

Each hard working volunteer in your organization deserves to be praised for their dedication. But what are the best ways to express that their hard work matters for your nonprofit? With the help of some motivational quotes and volunteer appreciation ideas, you can do it and make them feel special.

If you are thinking that motivating your volunteers with quotes is not easy, then you are wrong. The task of sharing quotes is simple as you can utilize volunteer management software. But how will this software help? Well, it will help you send these quotes fast and also you can share personalized messages.

Motivating your volunteers is crucial as they are working day and night for the growth of your organization. But do you know why keeping them motivated with inspirational quotes is crucial for your organization?

Let’s explore.

Importance of Inspirational Quotes:

Some Important Volunteer Quotes You Must Know

  1. “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

Each one of your volunteers works hard because of their willingness to contribute. If you are looking for a suitable quote to explain it then choose this one. This quote mainly highlights that It’s all about the sincerity of your kindness in heart.

  1. “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill 

Volunteers must always be reminded of the greatness of working for others. The best way to help them understand that is by sharing these precious words by Churchill. So, teach your volunteers easily the importance of giving and contributing to others.

  1. “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

Every single contribution that your volunteers can make a big difference. Take the help of Oscar Wilde’s quote and share it with your volunteers. This quote reminds us that taking action, no matter how small or big, is important. Ultimately, one must take action with good intentions. With their act of kindness, they can make big changes to one’s lives.

  1. “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

According to Picasso’s quote, we must seek our unique talents and strengths. Only after that, we can share them for the betterment of society. So, it’s time that you teach your volunteers the importance of volunteering. It’s a way to discover your gifts and purpose by contributing them to others.

How to Use Volunteer Software to Share the Quotes?

  1. Sending Emails: 

Choose the most inspiring quotes for your volunteers and send them through emails. Your volunteer software is to send emails to all your volunteers or the selected ones. Also, sending customized emails is possible if you are using an advanced volunteer software.

  1. Share Quotes through Messages: 

An advanced volunteer software lets you send messages. That’s why you can share quotes through SMS with your volunteers. Also, if you want to send messages to any particular volunteer then your volunteer software will also allow you.

  1. Sending notification:

Share the volunteer quote through a push notification at a specific time. Also, you can choose any particular day to share a special quote to cheer your volunteers. So, pick a perfect quote and share it through the push notification feature of the software. Moreover, you can also share it as the quote of the day and keep your team motivated.


Volunteers need motivation to provide their best daily. However, keeping them motivated is not easy as it requires brainstorming and taking the right initiatives. Moreover, you may also need to engage them in various activities so that you can keep them motivated.

Sharing inspirational volunteer quotes can make this task simple as they have the power to motivate your team. But just sharing any quotes won’t help and that’s why, consider the quotes that we have suggested here. Also, you can pick quotes of your choice that have all those powerful words to cheer your team on.

You can take the help of volunteer management software to share the quotes with your volunteers. How will you share the quotes? Why not consider the methods that we have highlighted here? Your nonprofit deserves a highly motivated team. So choose the right quotes and share them using your volunteer software.

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