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Arunachalam Tamil Movie Download

Arunachalam Tamil Movie Download


Arunachalam Tamil Movie Download is a 1997 Indian action movie filmed by Mad Mohan in Tamil. The film stars Rajinikanth, Soundarya, and Rambha, with other central roles being Jaishankar and Ravichandran. Virgo was in charge of the soundtrack and background for the film, while Sentinel Kumar from the UK was in the order of the film. The film is based on the novel by George Barr McCutcheon, Brewster’s Millions (1902).

In April 1997, the film received positive reviews from critics and won three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, including the Best Picture. For the first time, the film was seen by Rajni Kant along with Sundria and Rambha.

Details of the Movie Arunachalam Tamil Movie Download

Directed by: Sundar C.

Written by: Crazy Mohan

Screenplay by: Sundar C.

Based on: Brewster’s Millions

by George Barr McCutcheon

Produced by:    

Starring               :

Cinematography: U. K. Senthil Kumar

Edited by: P. Sai Suresh

Music by: Deva

Production: Annamalai Cine Combines


Release date: 10 April 1997

Running time: 165 minutes

Country: India

Language: Tamil

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How to Download Arunachalam Tamil Movie Download

Arunachalam is a 1997 Indian film directed by Loopy Mohan in Tamil. Therefore,  movie stars are starring Rajinikanth, Soundarya, and Rambha, and various leading roles are Jaishankar and Ravichandran. Deva was in charge of the film’s soundtrack and background, while UK Senthil Kumar was in order. Therefore,  film is insecurely based on the 1902 novel Brewster Hundreds of Thousands by George Barr McCutchen.

In April 1997, the film received favorable reviews from critics and won three Tamil Nadu State Movie Awards and a Finest Movie Award. And also, Rajinikanth first saw the film by Soundarya and Rambha.

More Details about the Movie  Arunachalam Tamil Movie Download

On day one, Arunachalam started using various strategies and spending a lot of money, but the quartets all created barriers that prevented him from taking the challenge. And also,  Arunachalam finances money in a horse race, a way to lose money quickly within minutes. He likes to bet on the weaker horse, but the weak horse would gain a lot from him through the quartet plan. The next guy buys the lottery bonus, which also earns him a lot of money.

He shoots a movie with his friend Arivazhagan in hopes of business failure. However, his plan is initiated because of the quartet, which earns more money from the sales rights. They aggressively advertise on your behalf and spend all the cash fast. Eventually, he brought his party into politics and nominated his friend Kathavarayan for the election. Kathavarayan speech made people angry with him, and Arunachalam said he apologized and asked people not to vote for him because he called the wrong man.

What Happens Ahead in The Arunachalam Movie

The music written by Virgo. The song “Nagaimo” had two versions: Hari Haran’s version only included in the soundtrack and another version with Krishna raj’s voice was only included in the film. Therefore,  audio released on the “Big B” music label by Amitabh Bacchant. The melody of Alli Alli Antalkali take from the songs “Ladki Ladki” by Srimaan Aashike (1993) by Nadim-Shravan and “Total Total Tuttiyan” Gar Ka Chiraag (1989) by Bappi Lahiri.

However, the Quartet withdrew the other candidates, and Kathavarayan was elected to parliament without resistance. And also, Arunachalam is now surprised that the post of deputy and the party are held. But he forces Kathavarayan to resign, and his party. And also, killing both domains, is dissolved. After all, earn and spend your last money on an entrance party. Meanwhile, Vedhavalli is angry with Arunachala for not helping her and her family through the financial crisis.

She accepts her father’s decision to marry. But Arunachalam did not tell Vedhavalli the truth because he wanted his father’s words to remain intact. At the last minute of his transfer, Arunachalam’s friend finds him 20,000 rupees, according to a quartet, so he cannot spend it at the last minute. Nandhini arrives to tell him the foursome plan at the last minute, and Arunachalam devotes the previous 30 seconds to him as a paycheck and accepts the challenge.  Therefore, Rangachari receives information from Nandhini and Arunachalam on the misdeeds of the quartet.


Arunachalam an idiot, the eldest son of Ammyappan; He is a well-known rich man from a respected family. And also, Vedhavalli, a city lady and Arunachalam’s cousin, attends her cousin’s wedding. She interested in Arunachalam, and he slowly loves him. And also,His elders resolve his marriage requests, except for the oldest man in his household, Mr. Vedhavalli, and Arunachalam’s grandmother.

She does not like Arunachalam at all, and yet she does not love him. She tells Adhikeshvan’s father that he is reconsidering Vedhavalli marriage to Arunachalam. Therefore, home left without giving any information, which is shocking to them. Arunachalam realizes that he is trying for his teenage brother and asks for help to divorce his pregnant girlfriend. Her brother refused to marry her, claiming that her script and her money did not match. Arunachalam’s legacy is the same one that concerns Vedhavalli.


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