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Brahmastra Full Movie Watch Online

Brahmastra Full Movie Watch Online

brahmastra full movie watch online, Brahmastra is a Bollywood movie that Ayan Mukerji directed. It is a fantasy-adventure film that features a stellar cast, including Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Amitabh Bachchan. The movie has some stunning visual effects, and the music is also a highlight. The story revolves around a young man named Shiva who discovers his true nature and journey to become a powerful magician. Overall, it’s an entertaining movie that you should watch.

Details of Brahmastra movie (Star cast and more)

Directed by: Ayan Mukerji.

Produced by: Karan Johar.

Written by: Ayan Mukerji.

The movie stars cast

Other notable actors in the movie include

Language: Hindi, India

Duration: 166 minutes (2 hours 46 minutes)

Release Date: 9 September 2022


The movie’s music was composed by Pritam, and the team at Red Chillies VFX created stunning visual effects.

More about Brahmastra movie

The movie revolves around a young man named Shiva who discovers his true nature and journey to become a powerful magician. Along the way, he meets a young woman named Isha, who helps him on his journey. However, their journey is not easy as they remain pursued by powerful forces who want to prevent them from unlocking the secrets of the universe. In their quest, they discover a powerful weapon called the Brahmastra that could destroy the world if it falls into the wrong hands. The movie features stunning visual effects and a unique storyline combining fantasy, adventure, and romance elements.


Shiva has a vision of Mohan’s encounter with Junoon. He and Isha head for Kashi to warn Anish but are interrupted by Raftar, who now wields Mohan’s Vānarāstra. Anish defeats him using the Nandi Astra before escaping with Shiva and Isha. While going to Himachal Pradesh, where Āshram remains located, they remain chased by Junoon and Zor in a truck. Anish gives the second piece of the Brahmāstra to Shiva and stays to fight Junoon and Zor, only to be killed. Raftar chases Shiva and Isha to Āshram, where Shiva kills him using the Agnyāstra after he tries to kill Isha.

At Āshram, they learn about other astras, and Shiva remains forced to join Brahmānsh by the guru Raghu for information on his parents. He meets other recruits, Rani, Raveena, Sher, and Tenzing, who are all trained by Raghu on how to use their respective astray, and Shiva also gains control over fire. As Junoon approaches them, Raghu reveals that Shiva is the son of former Brahmānsh members Dev and Amrita. Dev awoke the Brahmāstra as he was the only person who could control multiple astras simultaneously.

Dev’s wife Amrita (pregnant with Dev’s child), who wielded the Jalāstra, defeated Dev in a battle on a remote island, and both of them seemingly perished from the battle. Amrita’s boat remained found in the ruins of the action, brought back from the island, with two broken pieces of the Brahmāstra. The pieces of the Brahmāstra remained given to both Mohan and Anish. The third piece remained believed to be missing, with Raghu and Shiva concluding that they both survived the battle.

The third piece of the Brahmāstra is in Amrita’s Mayāstra disguised into a conch shell, which Raghu releases by dropping Shiva’s blood on the conch. Junoon and her army arrive at Āshram for the Brahmāstra and hold everyone hostage. Shiva defeats Junoon while killing Zor, who wielded Nandi Astra and releases everyone. But Junoon manages to take the third piece from Isha. She seemingly sacrifices herself to activate the Brahmāstra. The destruction begins, and Isha is in danger, but Shiva gains control over the Brahmāstra with newfound strength stemming from his protectiveness of Isha and reuniting with her.

Before the credits, due to Junoon having activated the Brahmāstra, Dev, who remained imprisoned as a statue on an unknown island, is released.

The movie Brahmastra is the first part of a planned trilogy. The film remained originally slated to release in 2020 but remained delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie’s soundtrack is composed by Pritam, and Amitabh Bhattacharya writes the lyrics. The movie’s cast and crew have been tight-lipped about its plot, so the audience can expect some surprises when it finally releases.

Is there any Second Part Releasing

Yes, Brahmastra remains the first part of a planned trilogy. The second part of the movie remains expected to release in 2024.


Ayan Mukherji started work nine years before the theatrical release afterthat. Pre-production work started in 2014, and filming began in 2018. In February 2018, Bachchan and Kapoor did look tests in the presence of Mukerji.


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