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Snapchat Scams: 6 Ways Con artists are trying to Steal Your Money

Snapchat Scams: 6 Ways Con artists are trying to Steal Your Money

What Are Snapchat Scams?

Snapchat scams are dishonest methods con artists employ to obtain your personal information or trick you into handing them money. They originate or occur on the Snapchat app.

Scammers on Snapchat engage with users and frequently adopt a familiar and trustworthy identity.

Scammers are everywhere and they will stop at nothing until they get your hard-earned money. They come up with inventive ways to get you to give them your money, such as by promising to pay you more money back or by threatening you until you comply.

When using this popular software to chat with friends or applying the dog filter to your images, it is always vital to understand when you are being scammed and how to avoid Snapchat Scams from fooling you.

How do Snapchat frauds present themselves?

1. They inquire about your interest in participating in a money-making opportunity.

It might be a phony sponsorship, an advertisement, or a claim that you can make hundreds of dollars. Knowing that you trust your friends, these con artists frequently break into their accounts and pose as them .

Following your gift of cash or a gift card, they will request your login details so they can access your account and “push this advertising opportunity to your other friends.” Then they will close your account, take your money, and stop communicating with you altogether.

2. They pose as your friend who needs assistance regaining access to their account.

Snapchat fraudsters will add you on their account while posing as your buddy and complaining that they can’t access their account. Then they will inform you that you can only assist them in regaining access to their account by providing them with your login information so they can “remember” their Snapchat username.

Once they access your account, they lock you out and demand money or sexual favors before letting you back into Snapchat. Then, they only allow you to use your account again briefly after you give them money before locking you out and demanding more. Teenage girls, in particular, are the target of this con.

3. They phish for your information by sending “fishy” emails.

Snapchat Scammers will send emails as part of a phishing scheme and provide you with various justifications to explain why you need to enter your account details. Then, to “make logging into your email easier,” they will also send you a link with that email.

The regular Snapchat login screen shows when you click on that link. However, it’s essentially a false login screen, and if you submit your information, the con artists can log in to your account using your username and password.

4. They send you chain emails.

These con artists will send you messages posing as members of the official Snapchat team, threatening to delete your snaps or expose offensive images if you don’t share their news.

Then, this message is screenshotted and distributed because everyone fears their photos will be removed or made public. Even Snapchat has publicly said that they have never sent anything similar and advises recipients to disregard any chain messages they may receive.

5. They demand payment from you in exchange for their purported premium Snapchat services.

Scammers pretending to be girls on Snapchat claim that if you give them money, they will record and post nude photographs of themselves engaging in inappropriate behavior on Snapchat. Snapchat scams occur when you give them a substantial sum of cash via CashApp, but they only give you a partial view before asking you for more cash. They may even ask for your bank account information to steal even more money from you. Victims can turn to fund recovery services or snapchat scams recovery to get their funds back.

6. They say that they wish to communicate with you on Snapchat over a different dating service.

By using Snapchat Scams, Romance con artists advise their victims to communicate on Snapchat. It helps them from having their online dating accounts disabled, keeping their tabs operational and unblocked on whichever dating site they use. In this way, you’ll be more likely to report them on Snapchat than the online dating site they’re using if you suspect they might be a scammer.

How to Avoid Snapchat Scams:


Similar to other social media networks, Snapchat has risks. There have been various data breaches. Some con artists use sincere love allusions, whereas others use your credit or debit card as a means of extortion. In addition, the software allows users to interact with mutual friends and make new friends. However, the above-mentioned specifics indicate that there are scammers on Snapchat, so users should exercise caution to avoid becoming their victims.

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