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technology Write for Us: A Technology is part of that knowledge, so it is in constant movement, innovation and complete evolution, revolutionizing different industries worldwide, ranging from everyday life improvements to complicated ones such as engineering. Computing, physics, communication, and above all in health, their achievements have significantly improved in terms of methods to save lives in medicine.

This word comprises two Greek words, “tekne”, which means technique, and art and “logia”, which gives a translation of skill. It is the technique or skill of something or about something.

History of technology

The term combines the technique of improving a space with the different revolutions in recent centuries, specifically the industrial revolution. A before and after marked in technology since the work by hand step by step. To be a serial work produced by a steam-base machine with which some type of tool and transport belt moved in it, thus developing a raw material in greater quantity, better budget and of excellent quality.

It is essential to highlight the circumstance that these techniques have always existed since man began as a simple nomad. Primitive men used improvised tools with which they survived in high-risk spaces. As human language develop, technology, which was purely to care for the family. And also, adapted to the individual until the world became a technological paradise that was habitable and comfortable.

Through these, serial productions have improved, which had a boom at the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to entrepreneurs such as Ransom Olds (creator of the assembly line) and Henry Ford, who innovated the assembly line.

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