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Top 5 Applications Which Can Help Your Businesses Finance

Top 5 Applications Which Can Help Your Businesses Finance

Finance is the lifeblood of a business. We mean, the success of businesses depends, to quite an extent, on business finance. Hence, it needs to have stiff control over its finances. 

This is true even if you run a small business. Here each and every penny counts. However, managing business finance is steeped in challenges. 

Are you maintaining your business without the software and apps? 

Well, just download finance management software from the pirate bay. You can get them free there. In this article, we discuss five applications that can help build your business finance. 

Top 5 Applications Which Can Help Business Finance

Companies have gone for automation when it comes to dealing with company finance. Numerous activities are under the control of finance, and they overlap with each other sometimes. These apps streamline the activities into a system. Let’s study some of the applications that can help your business.

1. Liveplan

Planning is essential to your business development. If you have a successful plan for your business, it will carry your business, but if you miserably fail with planning, then you will be under some difficulty. 

Liveplan is one application that is tailored to serve your requirements. There are around 500 business plan templates spanning multiple industries. So what you need here is to answer a few questions and get started. 

Tracking each and every area of business, whether it is resource or performance, is highly essential. If a company doesn’t really have a strong tracking system, it might fail on its budget. 

With this software, you are not only tackling everything internally. At the same time, you are able to track metrics and understand where you stand against similar companies. This comparison is needed when it comes to an understanding of the company’s core competency. 

2. Freshbooks

There are so many things that come under decision-making, and Freshbooks is definitely one of them. You need to be highly calculative with expense management. 

Freshbook is accounting software that helps you track invoicing, expenses, tracking time, and reporting capabilities. With this app, you can connect your bank account or credit card. 

With this, you can keep track of your budget. You can also digitize recipients by uploading pictures. So a lot goes into bringing in the development of your finances.

Want to have it? Paid plan starts from $6 per month. This is for the billable citrate. If you want some premium plans, you have to spend around $20.

3. Mint

Budget maintenance is a big task in any kind of business. The management, along with the business leaders, chalks out a plan to prepare a budget for the upcoming financial year. 

There are so many things that come under this, and they include acquisition, spendings recruitments. Certain values are allocated against these accounts. 

The tool notifies you when you are going beyond your budget. They also provide you with monthly dues and bills. This eases your financial decision-making.

4. Quick Books 

Quickbooks is another efficient application that services the needs. The app is highly efficient so far as integrating the other apps is concerned. There are many apps that can be integrated under this system. 

There are many features that you get with the Quick book. These include:

These are highly important from the point of view of decision-making. This is because if your decision-making is not proper on expense management and resource management, you might be in deep trouble. 

5. Zero

Are you facing some issues with accounting? Zero apps are tailored to serve your requirement. The app acts as a central hub for all your business needs. They include invoicing, inventory management, bank transaction, paying bills, and payrolls. 

Zero is really great when it comes to easy collaboration. You will be amazed to know that you can add over 800 third-party android apps as well as iOS apps to your Zero experience. This makes it really great. 


Tracking the finances of a company is quite complex, and business needs to do them effectively and professionally. If they are able to track the metrics, they can be a clear picture of their overall standing. 

The apps that are discussed above are capable of serving your diverse needs in relation to your finance. So use them according to your convenience.

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