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What Is Microsoft Office? – Definition, Functions, And More

What Is Microsoft Office_ – Definition, Functions, And More


Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of business software applications for Windows and Macintosh computers. The Office consists of a word processor, a spreadsheet, a graphical presentation, and an email communication program that gives it functionality and generally used for conducting official business. Office 2010 for Microsoft Windows and Office 2008 for the Macintosh have been in use since July 2010.

Represents a pack or business package where various tools offered through multiple programs that allow users, companies, and designers to carry out their activities more leisurely, optimally, and straightforwardly.

Today it called an office suite, directly related to desktop activities. Interrelates applications and servers for Windows, Mac OS x, iOS, and Android operating systems. Different versions of the package appear where updates observed in each of its programs from time to time.

Origin and Evolution

Do we frequently come across people who ask what Microsoft office is? And sometimes, the answer can be a bit long. However, it is essential to know that its origin dates back to 1989. When Bill Gates with Paul Allen distributed their first versions to the Apple company, it was implemented for Macintosh-type computers for a long time.

Part 1990 was offered alongside the Windows package, where it had a rebound. It was used as a product that was included in the complete package with the operating system. The first appearance of Office consists of bundles of programs with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. A few months later, the “Professional” version appears, which includes Microsoft Access.

The program was very successful, and manufacturers chose to include packages offered by Microsoft on their computers. Each one had an independent functionality Giving users various options to create texts and documents, spreadsheets with included mathematical functions, and highly original graphics with drawing tools.

This diversity of functions allows Microsoft Office to position itself as one of the most critical programs in the computer market. The package grew in the same way that the Windows operating system did. Bill Gates had decided to offer Windows alongside the included Microsoft Office suite. It was a revolution that brought great benefits to users and, of course, to the company.

Since 200O, Microsoft Office has been developing different versions, and these are adapting to the Windows operating system that developers were also evolving little by little.

The versions of Office are very varied, and so far, various packages are available on the market. The latest version called Suite Office 2019. It also included for Mac devices in all its versions. It now one of the tops used programs globally, having owned the market for more than 15 years.

What are The Programs

As we saw earlier, Microsoft Office started with just three primary programs. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Later Microsoft Access was included, and as the years have passed, another series of programs with different functions have included. But let’s see the description of each one.


It consists of one of the central word processors that exist. It has served as the basis for the development of other word processors from other companies. Considered a standard DOC format. It allows you to open various formats related to texts. It is one of the most practical in the market and contains many elements that ease making and writing a document.

The processor also compatible with Mac OS. It has had several versions and updates since its release in 1989. It can improved to any form of application and even Android application formats. The files come in extensions of different formats such as.


It a spreadsheet that allows information related to arithmetic processes through graphic templates and mathematical formulas. So It is one of the complete programs that exist.

It was initially called Multiplan. It considered one of the most used in the commercial and business field, related to databases and operations where numerical operations included.

Its rival directors Lotus in its different versions 1, 2, and 3. However, Excel continues to dominate the spreadsheet market to date: It undergone few modifications and, like Word, included in the Office toolkit. It is also available for Mac OS processors. The most widely used and compatible formats and extensions are.


This program included in the Office package was developed together with its cousins ​​Word and Excel. It has consecutively since 1989 and has had several versions that little by little have included cutting-edge work tools. During the 2000s, it was the world’s most widely used design processor.

This processor was the basis for other programs to develop and evolve faster. It contains tools that allow graphic designs of figures, documents, and videos. It will enable the user’s creativity and is excellent as a tool in the visual presentations of professionals and students.

PowerPoint is also compatible with Mac OS and mobile devices with the Android operating system. They come in different versions that adapt to the user’s needs. Its format extensions allow compatibility with .ppt .pps .pptx and .ppsx file extensions.


It a work tool that was included in the Office package in the mid-2000s. However, it was created in 1997. It a different program from a very similar work tool called Outlook Express. Outlook is a data manager with diverse and personal characteristics. Keeps the user’s email active

The program allows you to keep the information related to the calendar up to date and can even serve as a plan. It was the replacement for Windows Messaging programs, Microsoft Mail. It is compatible with some Mac OS operating systems. However, it is not widely by users of that brand. They come in extensions that are compatible with .msg files.

Other programs

In addition to the four central processors that come in the Microsoft Office suite. Also, in the latest versions, other programs have included that serve to carry out various activities and specific operations; let’s see:

Web services

Web-related programs not directly included in the Microsoft Office pack. Some must acquired through purchase. Among them, we have the following:

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