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6 Ways to Grow Brand Awareness in Portland


Portland, Oregon is one of the hippest cities in all of the US. Not only have numerous major brands like Nike bade this city their office headquarters, but the younger generations have decided to make a home here so they can have the lifestyle of their dreams.

If you are a company wanting to raise your brand awareness in Portland, you will want to create a checklist of all the top tips to follow. At the top of this list is understanding your funnel and your brand strategies.

When it comes to starting relationships with consumers in Portland, you will want to approach it like nurturing any other relationship in life—by getting to first know one another personally. This starts with a bold introduction, like having Portland billboards placed around the city that lets you introduce yourself in a larger-than-life way. Once the introductions are made, you can really get creative and personal by letting the residents and visitors of Portland get to know all about your brand.

When it comes to growing brand awareness there are some common practices that have proven to work in this city no matter what industry you are in. So we have gathered up all the successful ways in which you can accomplish just that.

1. Define the Story of Your Brand

The first step is to actually define what your brand story is. This is the heartbeat to any awareness campaign, so it is important to do this important piece of work upfront. Think about your brand’s point of difference and what makes you truly unique and appealing to the market. Don’t forget to also define your brand’s purpose is too and why you even exist to begin with.

Once this story is drafted, you can start to look at creative ways to narrate that story. This is done by understanding your market, doing consumer research on audience groups in Portland, and determining parts of your brand story that will be most appealing to them.

2. Put Your Brand on Billboards

Portland billboards are some of the most valuable assets to have. While you can spend a lot of your brand budget on digital advertising, traditional out-of-home advertising remains a really effective technique in Portland. There are so many people that live in the city and the central hub is always lively. This allows you the chance to make that bold introduction we mentioned earlier in a really impactful way.

If you want to grow brand awareness in Portland, you need to get on some Portland billboards and grab the attention of the city. Trust us, it works and is totally worth it.

3. Walk the Talk

Many brands say they are doing good things for the planet. But not as many actually put that into action. One really impactful way to grow brand awareness in Portland is to show that you are doing something for social justice.

There are many ways to walk the talk in Portland—whether you want to make a difference by enhancing the opportunities for the youth that live there or you want to join in on a social justice cause. Regardless of what it is, to raise brand awareness is you need to stand for something and enact a plan to truly make a difference.

4. Support Local Events

Portland is a really tight-knit community. So a really impactful way to grow brand awareness is to team up with other well-established brands in Portland and support their events. Whether it is supporting a sports team or a fundraiser, getting your brand associated with community events is a key way for the community to grow respect for you. Plus, often sponsorships come with additional perks like speaker opportunities and logo placement.

5. Get Good at Social

The population of Portland is young and tech-savvy. This means that the majority of them are on social media. To grow brand awareness you will want to get good at social media and be strategic about the way you tell your brand’s story on there. This ranges from creating your brand’s own social media platforms to working with influencers to share content that highlights your brand in a really authentic way.

6. Know Your Audience

Depending on who in Portland you want to attract as potential consumers, you will need to do your homework and understand what they are all about. This means that you should take the time to listen to them, get to know their desires, and understand their lifestyle in Portland. This will help you understand where the most effective placements will be for brand awareness.


Growing brand awareness in Portland is something any brand can do with these six tricks. From Portland billboards to sponsoring local events, what will you do to grow your brand and have a lasting impact in the city?

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