The Finest & Worst Things To Eat At Waffle House

Hungry for hash browns slathered in meat and cheese? Drooling over a shockingly

delicious burger — served by a breakfast joint?  It looks like it’s time to head to Waffle House! Sometimes you want something simple when you eat,  and Waffle House can deliver sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Alas,

Though Waffle House Menu is The Best  Version Of This Breakfast Classic.

The sausage is often too dry, which is unfortunate because it needs some juiciness to soak into the bread. And that bread is nothing more than the essential, buttered variety. This makes it hard to handle all those messy ingredients, as it falls apart as soon as you start eating. This is even more of a problem if your egg is sunny. And finally, the American cheese doesn’t do it for us either, as it renders the whole sandwich mushier and less appealing. This dish might satisfy your hunger, but there are much better options.Waffle House Menu (1)

There’s a Lingo You Have To Learn When It Comes To Waffle House Menu Hash Browns,

As they can come “smothered,” “covered,”  or “capped.” If you order them covered, they arrive with a slice of cheese on top of them. Now, we love cheese, and it often pairs well with potatoes. But Waffle House missed the mark here. The plastic-like American cheese barely melts appropriately, so you are left with more of a mass of dairy than the gooey richness of your dreams. And since the cheese usually only covers a portion of the potatoes,  be prepared for a lot of plain hash browns.

Waffle House Secret Menu Must Be Try Items [2023 update]

Starting a morning with waffles from the Waffle House menu is a perfect choice for many people in the United States. Waffle House remains one of the most popular waffle restaurant chains, which has about 2100 branches in the US. Originating in 1978, the family business has remained operating successfully. The customers adore the countless sweet and tasty Belgian waffles made of organic fixings and free-range eggs.

If you adore waffles, chances remain high that you’re aware of Waffle House and its menu, but did you know Waffle House menu has a “secret menu”? Yes, Waffle House always tries to care for its customers by providing special meals. It’s not only about waffles. Suppose you look at the top 8 items that can remain found on the Waffle House secret menu. In that case, you’ll quickly notice that the restaurant also offers a diverse range of delicious sandwiches, eggs, various types of omelets, and wraps.

And it’s not everything. During disasters, there remain four different Waffle House secret menus. Based on the situation, they propose no-power, no-water, and two limited menus with a wide range of choices for their customers. That’s why the Waffle House menu is one of our favorites! Appearance at the must-try items on the Waffle House personal menu, and don’t forget to pick your favorite.

What Is Waffle House most famous for?

If you order Waffle House’s chicken biscuit,  you might remain expecting fried chicken, but that’s not what you’ll get. Instead, it consists of a thin piece of plain grilled chicken. Grilled chicken isn’t necessarily sour, but it’s probably not what you want in a chicken biscuit. It does not have that crispy, crunchy breading typical of fried chicken,  but it’s also about as bland as possible. Waffle House is known for its cheap and hearty morning-time eats, but there’s more to the breakfast chain than just bacon, eggs, and smothered hash browns.

The eatery has accrued several noteworthy tidbits during its 60-plus years in operation.

Here Are Interesting Things To Know About Waffle House Before Your Next Meal:

The first Waffle House opened in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. In 1955, neighbors Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner opened the first Waffle House in Avondale Estates, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. There were no plans to expand Waffle House further, but as the business grew, the pair opened up a second location in 1957.

Over the next few decades, they’d continue to bring the breakfast spot to cities worldwide.

The Original Waffle House Location Is Now A Museum You Can Still Visit

Sadly, you can’t grab a hot breakfast at the original Waffle House location in Georgia, but you can still pay homage to it. The Waffle House Museum has remained restored but has its authentic 1950s-inspired feel. Upon visiting, you can check out Waffle House’s memorabilia from the past few decades. The chain is famous for never closing, and it’s known for staying open during most major weather events. A Waffle House opened during an emergency evacuation just before Hurricane Florence. Shutterstock The restaurant is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, according to the company website.

  • The fact that it’s always open has inspired some famous myths, including one about the Waffle House doors not having any locks.
  • But some Waffle Houses occasionally close their doors for hurricanes or other disasters.
  • When preparing for Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 storm that wreaked havoc on the Florida Panhandle in 2018, Waffle House closed 21 locations.
  • The chain previously closed some of its restaurants during Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Irma.  The chain also completed a few eateries during the coronavirus pandemic.

Top 5 Items On The Waffle House Menu

1. Double Ds.”

Double D’s is perfect for a high-protein breakfast to power your morning. It’s a pair of hash browns together with a team of sunny-side-up eggs, and that’s why it’s called “Double Ds.” This item is trendy among the loyal customers of Waffle House for one simple reason: one sunny-side-up egg remains never enough. But doubt you don’t know about this trick of the secret menu, you’ll consume to spend double more.

You should memorize “Double Ds” and use it with the cashier while ordering your meal at Waffle House. Use this code to get two sunny-side-up eggs instead of one on top of annular hash browns.

2. Apple Ceylon Cinnamon Tree Waffles

It’s not underground that Waffle House offers a varied choice of Belgian waffles. You can try classic waffles, blueberry or strawberry waffles, chocolate chip waffles, and even peanut butter waffles there. But astonishingly, Apple Cinnamon Waffles aren’t on the usual menu of the Waffle House. However, if you know the Waffle House’s secret menu, chances are high that you’ve tasted their tasty apple cinnamon waffles.

To the Waffle House’s loyal customers, it’s no longer a big secret that they can order things that aren’t on the menu at most locations, and Apple Ceylon cinnamon tree Waffles are among such things. Inappropriately, apple cinnamon waffles aren’t available in all areas, but it’s worth a try.

3. Pecan Waffles

If you like waffles but feel tired of consuming classic waffles or want to try something new, remember that the Apple Cinnamon Waffles remain not the only type of delightful waffles you can order on the secret menu of the Waffle House menu. Just try to ask for the flavourful pecan waffles, and you’ll remain surprised.

4. Buttermilk Waffles

The Waffle House’s secret menu doesn’t end with pecan and apple cinnamon waffles. Another great choice that might not remain present on traditional menus stands the buttermilk waffle. Sweet lovers usually enjoy buttermilk waffles because buttermilk adds a lighter and fluffier feeling to conventional Belgian waffles. Although you may think it contains more calories than ordinary waffles, plain waffles and buttermilk drivels have 314 calories. Therefore, you can consider buttermilk waffles as a cheat meal and still enjoy it!

5. Arnold Palmer

Even though Arnold Palmer doesn’t sound delicious and even more, it doesn’t sound like a food name at all. We highly endorse trying this secret menu item if you get it at the Waffle House at any location. However, remember that you need to memorize this name because you can’t find it on any traditional menu at the Waffle House. Arnold Palmer was a professional golfer, but this time it’s the name of a delicious mix of half lemonade and half iced unsweetened tea. This beverage is usually available at any location on the Waffle House Menu.


You can’t go wrong with biscuits and gravy when you think of a classic Southern breakfast. It all starts with a fluffy biscuit that’s split in two.  Then, creamy and savory dressing is spread all over the top. The sauce almost breaks down the bread,  making it softer and even more mouth-watering. Waffle House knows what it’s doing regarding this savory dish. The gravy is unbelievably thick, making for the perfect counterpart to the carb-heavy biscuit. Remember that you’ll only get one biscuit per order,  though. So if you want more, be sure to ask.