Thinking of wireless earphones?

Grab These Latest BOAT Earbuds for Less Than Rs 3000 – Then we have a few suggestions for you! Read on as we have curated a list of some of the best wireless earbuds and earphones from boAt’s wide universe of exceptional audio products.

None of these best wireless earbuds do not cost a bomb! Earbuds price can range from anywhere between 1k to 10K (and even beyond). You can check out the following if your budget is not more than 3K.
Have a look:

Airdopes 141

Airdopes 141 - Grab These Latest BOAT Earbuds for Less Than Rs. 3000

Forget about the outside world and immerse yourself in the world of flawless music with these wireless earbuds! These dope earbuds come equipped with 8mm drivers which deliver mind-blowing music. The boAt signature sound that is loud, crisp, and clear allows you to enjoy your music like never before. The quick response touch controls allow you to stay in charge of your listening experience, always! The Insta Wake N

Pair technology further makes connecting to your device easier and quick! Just open the lid of your case, and voila, your device gets connected instantly to your earbuds! The IPX4 rating gives you the confidence to break the sweat while grooving to your favorite beats (without stressing over sweat harming your buds).

They provide a total playback of up to 42H and even support ASAP Fast charge technology, which means charging them for just 5 mins and get up to 75 mins of playtime!

Airdopes 441 Pro

Airdopes 441 Pro - Grab These Latest BOAT Earbuds for Less Than Rs. 3000

Compact and lightweight, these tws earbuds are perfect for the ones who cannot imagine sailing through a day without their favorite tunes! They offer a snug fit and the ear tips ensure that you do not have to reach out to your ears every now and then, just to ensure that they do not fall out of your ears.

The advanced capacitive touch controls further add convenience to your listening experience as now you can control your playlist, answer calls or adjust volume with a mere touch of a finger. These noise-canceling earbuds support bluetooth V5.0 which ensures a steady connection and lag-free calls. They even support Insta Wake N Pair technology which ensures that you do not miss even a single second connecting your device to the earbuds as they get instantly connected.

They offer a massive playback time of up to 150H (with the carry cum charging case) and ensure that you have enough juice to power up your day, every day! They are IPX7 rated, which means that you do not have to worry about any splashes of water or sweat! The charging case is pocket-friendly, so you will face no issues with carrying them around. So, begin your adventure today while being tuned to your favorite tunes.

Rockerz 330

Rockerz 330 - Grab These Latest BOAT Earbuds for Less Than Rs. 3000


These neckband styles headphones are already a hit amongst youngsters! The sporty look and ergonomic design makes them a comfortable and stylish option to get your listening needs fulfilled!

Powered by boAt’s signature sound, they produce unbeatable audio which is simply perfection personified. The 10mm X 2 drivers produce thumping bass and perfect treble. IPX5 rating protects them against any splashes of water or sweat. They even support dual pairing feature which allows you to seamlessly connect them to two devices at the same time! So, no more struggling with connections when you suddenly receive an important call while you are using your headphones to watch a movie on the laptop!

They provide a playtime of up to 30H! So feel free to binge watch the next season of your favorite show or have a movie marathon without any concerns as they have got your listening needs covered for (more than) a day! And if you ever forget to charge them up and are in a bit of hurry, just plug them in for 10 mins and get up to 10H of playtime!

Rockerz 245 v2

245 v2 - Grab These Latest BOAT Earbuds for Less Than Rs. 3000

Sleek, stylish and superb – these neckband style wireless earbuds come packed with many interesting features that make them an instant favorite! The lightweight adaptive fit of the earbuds gives you the freedom to wear them throughout the day without even realising that you have put them on! The dynamic 12mm audio drivers allow you to experience unreal music that fills your heart. The HD premium audio is so clear and perfect that you will fall in love with your favorite music, all over again!

The integrated controls with built-in mic allows you to stay in charge of your calling experience. You can also use the integrated controls to adjust the volume.
The IPX5 rating ensures that you do not have to cut short your jogging in the park just because it starts drizzling! Stream your music for up to 8H straight as these earphones support that much of playtime!

Airdopes 621

Airdopes 621

Experience music like never before with these lightweight and powerfully designed wireless earbuds. They pump out boAt’s unbeatable signature sound that is simply amazing. However, the thumping bass keeps you hooked and allows you to enjoy music! Experience connected life with boAt Insta Wake N Pair technology that allows you. Earbuds to connect to your device the moment you open the case.

Airdopes 621 Earbuds

They provide you with a mountainous playback of up to 150H (with the charging cum carry case). And no we didn’t put a 0 by mistake here!
What’s more? They even support ASAP charge which lets you flip through your playlist with just a few minutes of charge. (5 mins off charge = 60 mins of favorite music).
The IPX7 sweat and water resistance rating allows you to never shy away from any adventure.

We hope that this list was helpful and you have found the ones that suit your style and needs!