Famoid Vs. GoRead.io – Instagram has managed to gain an immense amount of popularity in such a shorter period after its birth. The main secret of its success lies within the massive number of users. Hence, it is now considered one of the efficient and practical tools to gain vast exposure and popularity. The same is why individuals and businesses seek help to bring more popularity.

However, making you shine on the platform is not that easy as it seems.  Thanks to the high traffic and billions of users, the competition on the site has reached up to a higher possible extent.

So, as a new user, how do you make your place at the site? Well, you seek help from Instagram growth sites which aids in enhancing engagement on your Instagram account. And a perfect example of this would be to simply start buying Instagram followers and giving your account a quick boost instead of starting from scratch with zero followers.

Therefore, we have brought you an ultimate and unbiased analysis of 2 of these well-known Instagram growth sites: Famoid and GoRead.io. — which we will now look at in great detail.

Famoid ( overview)

Famoid is one of the world’s top-tier websites known for assisting Instagram account growth. The website claims its main objectives as eliminating all of the negative thoughts and ideas that may arise in an individual’s mind as a new Instagram user.

GoRead.io( overview)

Just like Famoid, GoRead.io is another name for the same service. Launched back in the early ’20s, it has served millions of users so far.

The firm promises to deliver its customers with the best of its capabilities.

Hence, one can seek help from these sites in exchange for a little bit of money to boost their Instagram account in the blink of their eyes. Isn’t it amazing?

Features of Famoid and GoRead.io

One best way to judge any site’s legitimacy is by looking at its critical features. Hence, let us glance at the main characteristics of Famoid and GoRead.io separately to determine the best one.

Famoid Features


Let’s say none of us wants temporary likes, views, and followers on our Instagram account, which will vanish after a day or two.

And when we talk about famoid, the best thing about it is its legitimacy. That means each of their customers are granted 100 percent real likes, followers, and views that will not disappear at any point in time ( trust us, we have tried it our self)

Instant Order Delivery

Who likes to wait for order delivery? None of us, right? And Famoid completely understands this concern of ours. No matter what social buying service you are using, it’s always important to make sure they deliver on time.

Thus, the site processes your order ( no matter how big or small. It is) instantly after you make payment. And as a result, you are granted instant delivery.

Appealing package

Famoid understands that each person is different from another and their needs. For instance, a person who posts videos rather than the picture would want more views than likes or followers.

Thus, the site has introduced a good number of packages where.

  1. The first package lets you purchase likes
  2. The second package grants you followers
  3. The third packages are for those who want views
  4. The fourth and the last package lets you purchase automated likes.


Customer support

GoRead.io claims to acquire a supportive customer care system and answer all of your queries within 24 hours. The name has also become quite popular for those looking to grow their following on social media.

Unfortunately, we did not find these claims as accurate in our research as the staff took about 32 hours to answer a single query.


Although the site includes some handsome packages under their belt, if we compare them with the packages of Famoid, they, unfortunately, are less appealing.

Final decision- which one you should opt for

Although both of the sites hold an equally reputed position in the market, however, if ask us, we would suggest one to opt for famous instead of g Read.io for the following reasons:

  1. It obtains more attractive and follows diverse packages than GoRead.io
  2. Is a legit website- no risk of scam
  3. Provides 100 percent real follower, likes, and views
  4. Holds nominal price range
  5. Is efficient
  6. Instant delivery of orders

In a nutshell

To conclude, Famoid and GoRead.io are two well-known sites for Instagram growth sites. Both of them are equipped with specific features that make them distinct from the other services.

Nevertheless, Famoid holds a slight edge over GoRead.io for all of the above reasons. Hence read and choose wisely.