For many businesses in 2022 it’s no longer about just being a good business, your business needs to be sustainable and should have sustainable goals for the future as well. When it comes to building a sustainable company, using technology is one of the best and most easiest ways to help make that happen. Microsoft are releasing their brand new Microsoft cloud for sustainability which is launching the 1st of June, let’s take a look at how it can help businesses keep track of their sustainability goals and become a more environmentally friendly and eco conscious company.

The Microsoft truly have been at the forefront of sustainability, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability has capabilities that enable companies to be faster and broader with their transformation as well as helps them at varying stages of the journey towards being a sustainable company. Microsoft have announced that as of June 1st, 2022, the Microsoft cloud for sustainability solution will be available to the general public.

With this announcement Microsoft are turning sustainability commitments by businesses into actionable tasks with better data as well being provided for further intelligence and suggestions for future sustainable goals and practises that the business can follow. Within the environmental social and governance sectors, the capabilities that Microsoft cloud for sustainability will provide a help going to help stabilise our future an bold towards a global net zero carbon economy across all different industries.

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Thanks to the accessible and centralised data intelligence that can be provided through Microsoft sustainability solutions, Companies will have access to better data management capabilities and customer intelligence which will allow them to respond to changes within their market and be able to be more agile and confident with their offerings. in doing all of this Microsoft cloud for sustainability helps businesses to better manage their environmental footprint and impact while embedding a thread of keeping sustainability at the top of everyone’s mind throughout the organisation and value added chain.

Microsoft sustainability solutions help business businesses to make better strategic investments that will drive value as well as keep sustainability and the businesses ecological and environmental impact in mind. This ability to unify data intelligence will drive better reporting on sustainability practises and therefore result in better sustainability efforts, Microsoft have introduced a sustainability manager which will help businesses to easily record and report on their environmental impact using automated data Connexions which will therefore help them too reduce their environmental footprint and become a more sustainable company.

From the 1st of June businesses can trial sustainability manager from Microsoft for free or purchase, it will help to highlight tools systems or any other activities that could be replaced with more efficient and eco friendly options. Microsoft sustainability manager will help to show how moving workloads to a cloud based system can benefit your business as well as increase your energy efficiency. Microsoft emissions impact dashboard is another application that helps customers see exactly how many emissions are being produced from their Microsoft cloud services and reveals ways to offset those emissions too. If you are a business looking for a simple and easy to understand application that will help manage your businesses sustainability goals and practises, the Microsoft cloud for sustainability is your ideal solution.