The right service provider makes the most hectic tasks a piece of cake for you. On the other hand, unprofessional people profit from your lack of knowledge.

Jewelry is expensive, and most people can’t afford to make a mistake or get scammed when buying it.

This is why you need to take a few things into consideration before choosing one service provider to buy or repair jewelry.

Do They Offer Free Consultation?

See if they are offering consultation to their customers. You need to know first if they have time to answer your queries.

If they can’t make time for a potential customer, it’s unlikely they will give you or your instructions any time after you have paid them.

It wouldn’t be as much of a problem if it was just the fee for their time. They could sabotage a good piece of jewelry trying to save time.

There are professionals that offer jewelry repair in Baltimore who properly guide all their prospects and give a cost estimate without charging any fee.

Are they Expert at What They Do?

They could be very loyal to their work and customers, but what good is loyalty if they lack the skills to do your job.

You might be impressed with their enthusiasm, but it’s important that you ask a few questions to ensure they know what they are doing.

For example, you can check if they know that two carats are the largest diamonds. See if they know that Nickel causes an allergic reaction in some people when it’s used as an alloy in white gold.

Try not to ask them directly so they don’t feel like you are trying to test their knowledge. Casually use your knowledge in conversation to see how they respond.

Their well-manners and customer service won’t matter if they can’t meet your expectations. You need to look for skills and experience

Ask Around in Your Circle

Although quite basic, asking friends or colleagues is the most effective way of finding good service providers.

They would suggest someone with whom they have personal experience. If they were satisfied, it’s likely that you will be too.

Good professionals use word-of-mouth as a marketing strategy, which only works if they provide splendid service. These jewelers would do their best to ensure your satisfaction and even use you as a tool for their promotion without having to ask for it.

How Established is Their Business?

No matter how competitive, established businesses have an edge over startups due to their experience.

They have a better understanding of their field, customers, and trends, which enables them to provide better service. After dealing with many losses, mistakes, and angry customers, they learn things you won’t find in any blog or book.

You should prefer a jeweler who has spent years in this industry offering the same service. If they have served well, you will easily find testimonials for their work.

The older the business, the better, but they are also likely to charge more than other jewelers.

Did They Educate You?

Some jewelers avoid dealing with people who have knowledge of this field because they can tell when someone is lying.

It’s the duty of a professional to first guide the customer before they charge them anything. They should show you things like full-spectrum diamond light for color grading and tell all about the quality without sounding condescending.

A good professional sets the expectations before finalizing the deal. This ensures you get exactly what you are paying for and don’t have any low or high expectations.

If they are in a hurry to close the deal, they could charge a higher fee and deliver inferior work.

Read Online Reviews

The internet is a blessing for consumers. It has provided businesses with many opportunities, but it has also forced them to provide the perfect service.

If they are to commit fraud or scam, they know that it won’t stay hidden. People now post online reviews to let the world know about it.

To make sure the person you are about to trust with expensive jewelry has a clean record, you should check for reviews on the internet. Try to read each review carefully to separate real and fake ones. Anyone can get some five-star ratings with positive feedback by spending a few hundred dollars.

Are Their Policies Lenient?

You should be prepared for the worst-case scenario before working with any professional. In the worst case, you might have to ask for an exchange or refund.

They will take an advance payment before starting your payment, which is usually non-refundable. Ask them about their policies if things go wrong. Their policies should also protect your interest and not just theirs.

If you have to pay for extra requirements, so should they if they are unable to meet their end of the bargain.

What Other Services They Offer

To understand their knowledge and expertise in this field, ask about what services they offer in addition to selling jewelry. You might need those services in the near future if you own jewelry.

For example, they should have a gemologist who can help you find the right stone in your budget. Likewise, many jewelers design their own unique pieces according to the desire of their clients.

Many people believe that family-owned businesses that have been in the industry for generations offer the best jewelry and are very good at their jobs.

What Does Your Gut Say?

If you are feeling uncomfortable but can’t point out the reason, it’s better to take a step back and give it more thought.

You are about to spend a lot of hard-earned money on jewelry. It wouldn’t be a cheap mistake if you were to make any.

It’s better not to rush things and always be ready to walk away no matter what the offer. If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Remember, no one will give you something very expensive for very cheap. If you think you are getting a good deal, it’s because the service or product has a low value, not because the jeweler doesn’t want to make money.