Industry analysis: Online Marketing Solutions for The Telecommunications Industry

With the help of this analysis for the telecommunications industry, you will get to know the potential for your market. It will help you to be successful in online marketing. Thanks to our customers, we know the market and the participants very well. We are informed about trends and changes and support you with our technical knowledge in creating and implementing your marketing strategy.

Online trading in the telecommunications industry is increasing. The shows that 88 percent of mobile phone customers and 79 percent of DSL customers do their research online before making a purchase. Four out of ten mobile phone contracts and three out of ten DSL contracts are concluded online.

Studies for the Telecommunications Industry

More customers are using the Internet to conclude smartphone contracts or DSL contracts or find out more about the product before buying. There are hardly any customers who do not use the Internet to buy their products. There is a strong tendency towards pure online customers – since 2009, these have increased by 59 percent. Customers from the telecommunications industry, in particular, are very Internet savvy. Therefore, the focus in this branch should be on online trading.

However, multichannel retailers must not completely neglect offline trading. Every second customer researches on the Internet before purchasing, but purchases the product in brick-and-mortar stores.  Thus, companies have to combine the different channels in a meaningful way, i.e. the online and offline channels have to work well together in order to be able to accompany the customer intensively on the entire customer journey. This effect is known as ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline).

To master this challenge, the companies come up with a few refinements. The test phase is already underway at Deutsche Telekom. In collaboration with Google, the telecommunications company is testing innovative ideas to link the various channels. The goal is to accompany the customer to the conclusion of the purchase and, in the end, to make the customer journey measurable and understandable.

Telecom Created Shopping

Together with Google, Deutsche Telecom has created its shopping campaigns for this purpose. For this purpose, Telekom uses shopping displays with local product availability, showing customers the availability in the company’s brick-and-mortar stores. To make the connection between offline and online channels measurable, the Telekom shops were equipped with beacons. These collect anonymized data from users who have activated their location history. This new conversion path can used to measure the influence of Google search ads on local store visits.

This strategy aims to accompany the customer through the entire purchase decision process, starting with the usually lengthy research on offline or online purchases. This means that online marketing can also used to win customers for stationary retail. For this reason, it is always sensible and now necessary to use online marketing, especially in the telecommunications industry, for corporate success.

Interesting Products for the Telecommunications Industry

Google Trends makes it possible to test and understand the popularity of specific customer searches. With an individual request, users can understand the search interest of particular terms. A score from 0 to 100 rates the popularity of the articles.

The Most Famous Telecommunications Industries

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Structure of Online Marketing

The use of the Internet is constantly evolving: the Internet of Things is no longer an unfamiliar term. In the foreseeable future, we will increasingly use network objects connected and to the Internet. The limits between the natural world and the virtual world will become increasingly blurred. Our refrigerator will soon independently recognize the missing products and rearrange the complementary foods.

Furthermore, the telecommunications market still has great potential as it is developing rapidly. Traditional online marketing, pure search engine optimization in organic search, is no longer enough to prevail against the competition. Paid advertising on search engines like Google AdWords now plays an important role. It is why it is imperative in the telecommunications industry to keep an eye on current trends and align your online marketing strategies accordingly.