Put Your Pictures In Motion and Make Your Portraits Sign – Recent advancements in AI have come a long way, and now you can make a picture sing. New studies from Samsung’s AI research centre in the UK demonstrate how photo and audio files are combined in web applications to create signing portraits.

These apps used to create talking or these signing pictures rely on machine learning to render their output. While most of the images are unrealistic, AI animation technology is becoming more true to life with each day. Numerous digital culture experts have remarked how convincing these animated photos are, considering the basic data requirements for developing them.

There are several examples of animated portraiture, from Albert Einstein delivering a physics lecture to a speculative Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin rendition of Beyoncé’s famous track “Halo.” These samples are comparatively realistic, yielding animated images that are exceptionally well matched to the output. What’s most remarkable about these graphics is that all you need is one jpg and your desired audio file. The algorithms do the rest.

Portraits Sign

Stanford University and the team Adobe Research revealed new software that allows you to simply type the text transcript of what you want your picture to say. With this unique technology transitioning to the consumer market just now, we thought we’d highlight a few ways you can make your own pictures sing by taking advantage of new AI features to animate your own photos.

Social media has been around for quite some time now. It’s almost as if the stream of still life posts discoverable there have become passé. Yet video sharing, once cumbersome and demanding hours of processing, is now thoroughly streamlined. And the demand for seeing people in action spiked considerably. Whether you are a major brand, influencer, or owner of a basic social media account, animated photos are a great way to capture attention.

Animating your images

Most of us aren’t expert motion designers or skilled with the finer points of Adobe Premier. There’s not enough time in the day. So do you go about making your photos sing with the help of AI? It’s quite easy, actually, and all you need is the right app. There are several websites like GoodTrust to allow users to make a picture sing with matching audio in a matter of seconds, with no specialized knowledge required.

Here’s what AI Animation can do:

  • Update your old family into animated gems. Turn your mom and dad’s Super Seventies party pics into rock orchestras.
  • Make your best friend’s selfie into a contemporary pop signing icon.
  • Create experimental visual art that might make you the next viral NFT millionaire.
  • Generate unforgettable memes.
  • Animate photos to customize your blog or website and drive engagement.
  • And just about anything else, from animating a monument statue to bringing Mona Lisa back to life. All you need is your imagination. From there, you just sit back and wait for the reactions.

Closing words

The best thing about AI animation is that in-app features allow you to use any face with any piece of sound you choose. All you need is the right app pair with your favourite device, and you can go to work.