About Sony HT-A9

Sony HT-A9 – Sony’s new speaker system is for those who want serious home theater surround sound without spending time and effort wrapping cables around their living room. Besides, the HT-A9 system is essentially a set of four wireless speakers that communicate with a control box connected directly to your television.

Just place all four speakers around it and let the setup, which echoes from each speaker, calibrate to suit you and your living room. And also, each device has a tweeter, subwoofer, and uplink to enhance the whole Dolby Atmos experience. Pair them with a Sony TV, and the system will also use your TV speakers to add sound.

It only requires an HDMI cable from your TV to transmit audio to the wireless speakers, with only one power cord for each speaker and the control unit. Further, Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity powers Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect for convenient Internet streaming; Bluetooth is built-in for wireless streaming from your compatible devices.

And also, It supports many Dolby and DTS audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, and can be controlled with your compatible TV remote, the included remote, or using the Google Assistant.

The Sony HT-A9 soundbar consists of a control box and four vertical cylindrical wireless speakers that combine to produce optimized sound output for users. In addition, the rear of the wireless cylindrical speakers is flat for effortless movement and balance. Sony says the HT-A9’s speaker system can create up to 12 phantom speakers from the four existing units by synthesizing sound waves based on the available position information.

Features of Sony HT-A9

  • 360 spatial sound that adapts to your surroundings
  • Flexible design for any situation
  • Sound field optimization
  • Connect wirelessly
  • Innovative speaker design
  • X-Balanced Speaker
  • Movies and games feel real
  • Immerse yourself in supreme musical quality
  • Real-time recovery of all your compressed files
  • Omni-directional design
  • Enjoy movies with 360 Spatial Sound
  • Voice command
  • Setup in seconds
  • Easy listening
  • Pairs with Sony TVs
  • Even more immersion with Acoustic Center Sync
  • Effortless control with BRAVIA TVs
  • Boost bass with an optional subwoofer
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver and transmitter
  • BRAVIA sync
  • Sound modes Auto, Cinema, and Music
  • Night mode sound effects, voice mode, and surround audio enhancement
  • 360 spatial sound mapping, Dolby Surround technology, and DTS Neural: X Virtual Surround

Advantages of Sony HT-A9

  1. Firstly, Hear sound beyond limits. With our exclusive 360 ​​Spatial Sound Mapping technology, the HT-A9 immerses you, your family, and friends in a multidimensional experience that takes movies and music to a whole new level.
  2. Besides, 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology creates up to 12 phantom speakers from just four confirmed speakers.
  3. In addition, it is surrounded by multiple phantom speakers in an enhanced sound field, you will hear every beat and gust of wind with unbelievable intensity.
  4. An ultra-wide listening area fills every part of your living space. So, your family and friends get the best sound experience no matter where they are in the room. And also, the listening area is not incomplete to the front of the TV but covers a much larger space.
  5. The HT-A9 uses two microphones on each speaker to measure their relative height and position ingeniously, allowing the system to generate 12 phantom speakers and surround your room with immersive spatial sound.
  6. Position the control box near the TV and connect it via HDMI. The four speakers attach wirelessly to the control box, so there are no wires in your living space.
  7. Activate sound field optimization at any time by performing the easy setup from the home menu on the TV screen. The HT-A9 home theater system intelligently measures the distance between the speakers and the ceiling for an intelligent and easy setup.
  8. Our speakers engineer with advanced technologies deliver the supreme sound quality and wide directivity required for 360 ° spatial sound mapping.
  9. We have reduced the cavity effect of this new X-Balanced wide directivity woofer by minimizing the depth of its concave shape.
  10. And also, the unique rectangular shape of these speakers maximizes the diaphragm area for richer bass. It also reduces driver excursion while maintaining sound pressure, resulting in less distortion and greater vocal clarity.

More Additional Features

  1. Besides, with the HT-A9 home theater system, your music comes to life like never before. Enjoy music the way the artists really wanted it with Hi-Res Audio for crystal-clear precision. Or discover a new way to listen with 360 Reality Audio for a truly immersive live concert or studio session experience.
  2. Further, adding an optional subwoofer to your system to handle low frequencies allows the system to reproduce sounds. It gives more impact and power than before. Two models are available, designed to bring out deeper bass, more vocal clarity, and increased fidelity in whatever you listen to.
  3. In addition, easily access popular music services like Spotify and stream all your favorite albums and playlists with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2. Call your family and start the party.
  4. So, with a super-wide listening area, the whole family can enjoy the complete music streaming experience.