PC Games 2021

The Best PC Games 2021

PC Games  many ways, PC gamers do better than their console counterparts. Part of the reason is the variety of titles available, but it can make it challenging to track the best titles on the platform. We’re here to help you with a shortlist of must-play PC games, new and old. Despite being a few years old (and a frankly obvious pick), The Witcher 3 is still our first pick.

Best Overall Result

This choice may seem too obvious, but The Witcher 3 is truly one of the best games to ever come out for PC. The story is gripping, all the side quests are interesting, and the world that CD Projekt RED has brought to life is genuine. It’s overwhelming when you first start Geralt’s adventure.

The Witcher 3 is a medieval-inspired experience that follows Geralt of Rivia as he tries to find his protégé Ciri from him. Along the way, Geralt becomes embroiled in all manner of political intrigues and trades his supernatural hunting services for coins and information.


Disco Elysium almost came out of nowhere and today is one of the most popular games on all platforms. While it looks like a traditional top-down isometric RPG at first look, it couldn’t be more from the truth. Dance Elysium takes the rule book and throws it out the window.

He is unapologetic about his tone and clarifies that topics like politics can belong in well-designed video games. Disco Elysium is afraid of nothing and is truly an RPG in the strict sense.

The possibilities to play your way are limitless, and with the following games, you can have a completely different experience, make different results and play differently. In 2021, the game will be rolled out for free even to current owners, and if you are not playing this fantastic game yet, you should change that immediately.

Best Battle Royale:

EA decided it would be good to take advantage of the Battle Royale mode, and Apex Legends offered a Respawn Entertainment affiliate program. Many consider it a free version of Titanfall in the battle royale genre, but it is much more.

If you are conversant with PUBG, the goal of this game is to meet your teammates and become the last team standing. You are not in control of the ‘mechs’; Instead, it’s more of a traditional shooter, but each character available has unique special skills that make every turn cool.

It’s fun to play, particularly with friends, and the many customization options and fun gameplay make chopping a fun experience. Even after the second COD Battle Royale kicks off, Apex Legends is still a unique experience to try in 2020.

Best RPG Game

Suppose it hadn’t been for a dreadful start, and there was no need for some serious material to show it in its best light. In that case, CD Projekt Red’s latest Epic could very well have taken the top commercial on this list rather than the studio’s previous name. However, Epic is right, as Cyberpunk 2077 brings something we have never seen before and may never see.

The city at night, the bustling metropolis in which the game takes place, is dense and beautiful, with no loading screens between zones and many unique indoor and outdoor environments to explore. The details are exquisite, even the ability to look out the window and still see the open world in front of you.

Best for kids: Minecraft

Minecraft is a blockish world where everything is blocky, including your character. You can mine these blocks, build from them, create strange gadgets, defeat bosses, explore mysterious locations, download and install mods, team up with friends to create worlds together and you can even customize your character’s skin by using free Minecraft skins online.

This game has been about for many years but is constantly updated with new content and is played by millions of people worldwide on all platforms. Whether you want to build something, design your own home, or recreate the Death Star to scale, this game is for you.

Best sport: Football Manager 2021

Football Manager has been around for decades. Called Championship Manager initially, today we are fortunate enough to be Football Manager 2021, which contains the latest transfer updates and improvements.

The aim of the game is very modest. You have to take control of the team and take it to local and international leagues.