Freelancing is generally a busy activity that involves doing several projects simultaneously. For that reason, many freelancers use project management apps to manage their schedules. Good project management should have all the essential features. Here are 10 of those features.

1. Project Managing and Planning

A project management app should ensure efficient project planning. This is the core feature of any project management app. At this phase, you will be figuring out what needs to be done and what doesn’t work for you.

2. Efficient Task Management

When looking for freelance apps, you should go for those with efficient task management features. A project will only succeed if it is initiated. You should know who is doing what and when. Therefore, you should ensure that the project management app has useful task management features. These features help the team to break up work into smaller, manageable pieces. However, they also allow you to assign tasks to different members of the group.

3. Reliable and Efficient Communication

Communication features are vital in facilitating free-flowing conversations. But through effective communication, you will be able to discuss the project’s progress and know the momentum of the project. Through communication features, your project will get clarity and synchronization. Therefore, you must ensure that your freelance apps have communication features.

4. Freelance Apps Should Have Time Tracking Features

Time tracking is essential for any project management app. Through these features, your team will keep track of time and all the costs spent on the project. This can also be broken down into task tracking.

5. Resource Management Feature

The resource management feature gives you clarity over the project. Besides, you will know who is working on what, at what time, and for how long. You will deploy the right people to your project when resource management is done right. You will also learn to expedite your project.

6. Insightful Project Dashboards

The project dashboard feature allows you to visualize the progress of each task. The moment you activate the task and time tracking feature on your projects, you will get an update on how much time the team is spending on every project.

7. Project and Document Files

As part of the apps’ communication functionality, this feature allows sharing of images, files, documents, and spreadsheets. You will also get to organize them in folders you can easily locate.

8. Evaluate the Feedback

Most project management apps give you access to the project in different ways. It can be through the calendar, timeline, and task list. Nonetheless, you get to learn more about the project.

9. Reliable and Efficient Integrations

You wouldn’t want to work with a project management app with unreliable integration. When looking for freelance apps, go for those with reliable integration.

10. Feedback and Proofing Management

You will get feedback from different team members when working with a project management app. Therefore, you will need an efficient feedback management feature in your app. This feature reduces the need to go through all the listed issues.

Get the Right Project Management App

While project management apps are vital for freelancing, you should choose one with the right features. This ensures you get the most out of them.