Driving and maintaining consistency in sales is always a challenge for real estate companies, and cold-calling services can play a vital role in addressing this issue. Generating high-quality leads has always been a challenge for any sector, especially in the real estate industry.

In the vast array of cold-calling services, finding the right solution for your real estate business can be difficult. Thus, we have outlined the top 8 leading real estate cold calling lead generation service providers who have been prominent in 2024.


The Calling Agency has emerged as a pioneer in the cold calling industry. They have transformed the sector by generating high-quality, local, and loyal leads that have driven exceptional growth for their clients.

Calling Agency steps up, offering unparalleled real estate cold calling services tailored specifically for real estate professionals. With their specialized, data-driven strategies, frequent reporting, and exceptional buyer and seller appointment setters, they have ascended to the top of the industry.

They employ a team of skilled appointment setters who have years of experience in providing high-quality leads through telemarketing services, contributing to the growth of numerous real estate companies.

According to their website, the Calling Agency offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution with various packages designed to meet the needs of companies of different sizes.

For real estate professionals looking to expand their reach, enhance their sales, and build lasting client relationships, Calling Agency provides a proven, professional, and powerful solution.

Air Marketing

Air Marketing Agency is another top-tier lead generation service provider that excels at cold calling within the real estate industry. Their teams consist of highly skilled business development professionals who possess exceptional cold-calling skills and expertise in generating leads for their customers.

Utilizing a data-driven approach, Air Marketing’s team of skilled professionals works to identify and engage potential buyers and sellers, effectively expanding the client’s network and increasing their sales opportunities.

Air Marketing’s bespoke approach ensures that every call is not just a touchpoint but also a potential conversion opportunity, significantly enhancing the efficacy of their marketing efforts.

The agency ensures regular training sessions to equip their team with the latest sales techniques and insights into real estate market trends.

Lead Gen Dept

Lead Gen Dept. is a UK-based lead generation company specializing in generating leads for the real estate industry. With a profound understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities, Lead Gen Dept. has, since 2019, established a remarkable benchmark by generating 1 million pounds a year in yearly revenue from the first year of business.

This phenomenal success has been achieved by helping numerous businesses provide quality leads for their clients through their highly intensive multi-channel marketing strategy.

This UK-based firm offers tailored solutions to meet the needs and requirements of its clients. By leveraging cutting-edge technology across various channels, including telemarketing and other digital marketing technologies, this company has transformed the success of numerous businesses.

Oaktree Telemarketing

Oaktree Telemarketing is another UK-based cold-calling telemarketing lead generation service company that has been generating leads since 2008. This company specializes in real estate cold-calling services and has been transforming how real estate professionals connect with potential clients.

Experts suggest that this company has been around for a long time due to its multiverse lead generation strategy in real estate and other technology niches.

Their services include Cold Calling, Email and Social Media Marketing, Sales Development Training, and Hubspot CRM and marketing Consultation Services. With Oaktree Telemarketing’s specialized expertise, personalized approach, and robust technology, this company is not just a service provider but a partner in real estate success.


On our list, We have a USA-based but founded UK telemarketing service company, Cience. They are another cutting-edge lead generation company that specializes in cold calling and focuses more on the real estate industry.

This company has been in business because of its unique data-driven approach and robust sales team. Since 2015, it has grown many folds and now has a foothold across three continents, including Europe, North America, and South America.

CIENCE Technologies is a leader in telemarketing, offering specialized cold-calling services tailored specifically for the real estate sector. The company’s ability to generate high-quality leads that turn into sales has made it a go-to service provider in the industry.

Market Makers

Market Maker is another UK-based Lead generation company solely focusing on B2B marketing strategy. This telemarketing company, partnering with Xeim, another UK-based marketing company, has been a force to reckon with in the competitive world of real estate.

This telemarketing firm is renowned for its specialization in real estate cold-calling services and stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in this dynamic industry; with their exceptional experience in helping powerful brands across all niches, market makers are now at the top of their game.

Whether dealing with commercial properties, residential homes, or luxury estates, Market Makers designs its outreach strategies to target the intended audience specifically. With its unique approach to enhancing the effectiveness of the campaigns, it has maximized the chances of successful conversions.

Paragon Sales Solutions

Paragon Sales Solution is a renowned telemarketing lead generation service specializing in real estate service providers based in the countryside of the UK. They offer cost-effective sales and marketing solutions to businesses with their innovative approach to generating leads, booking appointments, and increasing sales.

Recognizing that every real estate market and professional has unique needs, Paragon Sales Solutions offers personalized cold-calling strategies. Furthermore, their online sales courses are a go-to solution for business enthusiasts who want to learn various aspects of sales and marketing.

Moreover, their ability to consistently deliver results has made them a trusted name in real estate cold-calling services. For real estate professionals looking to enhance their lead generation efforts and increase their sales, Paragon Sales Solutions offers a robust solution.

Toucan Telemarketing

Toucan Telemarketing is a Manchester-based cold-calling lead generation service provider in the real estate sector. It employs more than 1100 personnel, making it one of the biggest telecommunication service providers in the UK. This lead generation service company has carved out a niche as a leader in real estate cold calling services, leveraging expert communication skills and strategic insights to empower real estate professionals.

Toucan Telemarketing has been around in the cold calling sector for more than 23 years with a simple motto, “We work as you, for you, with you,”

This company excels due to its profound understanding of the real estate industry’s unique demands and challenges. They are not just a service provider but a strategic partner dedicated to helping clients achieve their business objectives.


In the hustling world of real estate, lead generation has been the driving force for many small business enterprises. Getting proper leads is crucial for every business’s success. In this blog post, we have outlined the top eight cold-calling lead-generation service providers and pioneers in driving sales and marketing strategy for your company.

For any business to succeed, there is no alternative to generating high-quality leads, and Calling Agency is just here to do this for you. We know what it takes to grow your business, and Calling Agency is by far the right choice to grow your enterprise. If you have queries about lead generation, you can visit their website.