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VPN Write for Us, Guest Post, Contribute, Submit PostVPN  stands for Virtual Private Network. It consists of a method used to connect to the Internet privately. The system securely hides our actual IP address and routes our Internet traffic and our data through a private and encrypted tunnel through public networks.

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In recent years they have become handy and famous, mainly because they provide a way to browse the Internet without revealing our identity, data or location. In this way, when the data is encrypted, search engines or ISPs, for example, cannot see or track our activity on the web.

How does a VPN network work?

Starting from the basis that a VPN network consists, as we have indicated, of a Virtual Private Network, it is an option that protects us in three different ways:

Hide Our Actual IP Address and Location

Once we connect to the service or the VPN network, it offers us the possibility of connecting from a new server, which acts as a gateway. Thus, the public IP would not be ours but that of that server.

Encrypt Our Private Data Using Encryption

When we use a VPN service or network, our Internet traffic and personal information, located within the private tunnel, are encrypted using encryption.

When Should we use a VPN Network?

Many security specialists advise using a VPN whenever we browse public networks. Although it is also true that it can be helpful to use it at home, in the office, when we travel or live in a country with geographical restrictions or on specific mobile devices. In short, whenever we want to browse privately or mask, protect or falsify our IP address (so that it is not public).

When we use public networks

Suppose we tend to access the wireless connection of the University or any public Wi-Fi network. In that case, it is easy for hackers and other entities to see and steal our primary data, even if we use a password.

Using a VPN at Home

Typically, our home connection tends to be generally private with controlled access. However, everything we do online, from our searches on search engines like Google or Bing to the various websites every day, can easily be linked to our IP address.

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