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Web Hosting write for us

Web Hosting Write for us

Web Hosting Write for us, What’s up, the Internet? Today I’m going to be answering the question of what is web

hosting, and I’m going to tell you about how it works. At the end of the article, I’ll give You a great place to sign up for web hosting if you want to start a website, blog, portfolio, or whatever it might be. So imagine that you just came up with a new business idea and want to open up a store somewhere in your town.

You can register your store’s name, come up with the logo, and even make a product, but none will matter unless you rent a physical space to set up your shop.

This is Precisely How Web Hosting Works On The Internet,

So web hosting is just a service where you’re able to rent space on the Internet and fill it with all of your media and go live with your website, so when you start a website, all of your text and pictures and videos and buttons have to be stored on a physical server somewhere that’s connected to the Internet,

no, if ands or buts about it you need your data to be stored somewhere and web Hosting companies have buildings filled with these servers. They even provide you with design platforms, support security, and more.

Web Hosting Is Not To Be Confused With Buying A Domain Name

So Buying a domain name is just like securing the address where your shop will remain set up. Web hosting is what allows you to set up that shop and be

visible to anyone in the world, so if you bought a domain name but you didn’t get

hosting, then you type in your domain name, and it would just take you to a screen that says this website is parked but not active, so to go live, you need web Hosting. That’s what web hosting is, and a little bit about

How it Works

So if you have an idea for a website and want to start designing it, I will get where you can sign up for web hosting in less than 10 minutes.

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