What are Spy Cameras?

A hidden or spy cameras are a fixed or video camera used to record people without their knowledge.

Placing a hidden camera at home can give us a lot of information at any time. It’s a solution to detect everything, from infidelity to knowing how the babysitter behaves when we are not at home. Additionally, surveillance cameras can broadcast live footage to ensure no one has entered while we were away.

It is legal to install surveillance cameras on your property, but not in bathrooms or bedrooms, without the person’s consent being filmed.

5 Best Spy Cameras

A spy camera is an excellent option if you are looking for a camera for home security or something to keep an eye on pets and children when you are out of the room. They’re generally inexpensive and easy to use, which means you can set them up and leave them there.

Some spy cameras offer additional features such as night vision, motion detection, or intelligent connectivity, controlled remotely with a smartphone or similar device. Many are battery-powered, but some need to be plugged in.

1. Inner sparkle

The first device in our review the Blink Indoor, which could be categorized as a spy camera or just a good home security camera. What’s remarkable here is the ability to talk to intruders (or just package deliverers) using the complete two-way audio system controlled via a Blink app on your smartphone.

The fact that this camera is powered by two AA batteries (which will last up to two years) means that it is cable-free, while it is also Alexa-compatible, allowing you to watch live broadcasts and arm or disarm camera. In addition, the filmed clips can be stored in the cloud for up to a year at no additional service charge. Full HD video recording is provided during the day, while it smartly switches to HD infrared night vision at night. It is also weather resistant. If you need a fully waterproof version, go with Blink Outdoor.

2. Fredi Mini Hidden Camera

The Fredi Mini Hidden Camera may be the size of an after-dinner mint or a cheese cookie. Still, unlike both, it’s smart enough to detect motion, record 1080P video, capture footage to a microSD card optional, or record in a constant loop and even “see” in the dark. Like many others, it is possible to set an alarm notification on your smartphone. This hidden camera will send images to your email address so that you can control how the babysitter gets along with the children.

3. Arlo Essential projector

One of the best home security spy cameras, the Arlo Essential Spotlight can be place virtually anywhere. Unlike many other products in the Arlo line, it doesn’t require the Arlo SmartHub to operate, although you can plug it in if you have one. It is a complete spy camera with motion detection and a practical “view” range of 300 feet. There is also a searchlight if you want to use it as a deterrent against intruders.

4. Bear Grylls Waterproof Camera Glasses

While there are plenty of branded pocket money options we’ve never heard of available online, the look tends to be more Austin Powers than Tom Cruise. Bear Grylls waterproof camera glasses sport a specification list that ranks way above the rest. Although they are price three times as much as some “unbranded” alternatives.

The advantage here is an eye-line perspective when shooting full HD hands-free video. Because this is primarily an action camera, we benefit from waterproofing and dust protection and the promised 100% UVA protection.

5. Insta360 GB

The Insta360 Go is a portable camera suitable as a spy camera. It’s incredibly light, under 20g, and can still capture fantastic images at an impressive frame rate. It comes with a magnetic clip that allows it to stick to virtually any metal surface. And also, you can stick it in an inconspicuous location with a good view of a room or area. The optional charging case gives you a little extra power to keep shooting for longer.