Modern Technology is the “typical knowledge of mechanical craft and industrial art.” With their complex mechanisms and the wonderful industrial processes developed in them, large modern factories are the exponents of technological progress.

When we talk about technology, only words like computers, video games, CDs, etc., come to mind, without knowing that this word refers to the infinity of machines or tools that moved by non-human power but must be controlled by humans. These machines can be as small as calculators or clocks, cars, airplanes, or the famous computers mentioned above. It must noted that many of these machines work on their own, but it is a man who started them and can stop them.

Technology, with its advantages and disadvantages, has developed wonderfully, making it possible.

To extend life, improve the plumbing system, and the methods of making and distributing various things like collecting food, clothing, etc.

Have contributed to the development of new manufacturing techniques. And communication and transportation are becoming faster and more efficient.

What is Modern Technology?

Concerning the term and definition of modern technology, it can said that today’s technology is still predominant, massively accepted, and adopted by society after breaking with old technical paradigms.

Some inventions were made decades ago but are still in use. A clear example is refrigerators or televisions. Let’s look at these two cases:

A wet fridge that creates ice inside can no longer considered modern. Although it does its job of keeping food fresh and in good condition, it is not modern technology. A smart dry fridge that connects to the internet when it’s current.

Modern Technology And its Importance

Teleworking, streaming movies, chatting with friends on social media and home services: the new way of life.

The forced regression due to the novel coronavirus outbreak has made technology and online services great allies, offering a wide range of solutions that make it easier to deal with forced social distancing.


The concept of technology and its different evaluations in European thought from the beginnings.

Of modernity to the 20th century described and discussed.

It uses the more familiar modern term, and it also uses the current term used by Scott Lash in his book Sociology of Postmodernism (1997).

This seen not just as an aesthetic movement but as a historical and social experience.


There are many ways to understand the dawn of modernity as a series of concepts and ideas that mark. A turning point in Western culture.

Usually, this period understood as the one that begins on the one hand with the scientific.

Revolution and on the other hand with the dissolution of the medieval world after the Renaissance. These facts mark a turning point in philosophical thought relating to knowledge and politics. It marks a turning point in other areas of culture, such as art and literature.

While it a mistake to trust that the evolution of human ingenuity that we know today as technology began with the scientific revolution.

It true that it was catapulted in unusual ways. Hydraulics made great strides in the Middle Ages. But the profound fascination that European culture has had since the 17th.