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Dayavan is a 1988 Indian Hindi crime drama film directed by Feroz Khan. It is a remake of the 1987 Tamil film Nayakan. The film stars Vinod Khanna, Feroz Khan and Madhuri Dixit, with Aditya Pancholi in a prominent role. The film was a box office success. Hannah plays the lead role and avenges her father’s death.

Seeing how the local police killed her father, and also he became an orphan and homeless, Shakti Velu feels hatred and mistrust towards the Indian police. He befriends another lost boy named Shanker, who asks him to come with him to the slums of Bombay, where they live with a nice Muslim man named Karim Baba and his daughter Shama.


Here Shakti and Shankar spend their childhood. As they get older, they begin to commit petty crimes. Here, Shakti also witnesses police brutality and atrocities, especially at the hands of the sadistic, alcoholic, and lecherous police inspector Ratan Singh. When Karim Baba remains arrested, imprisoned and found hanging from his neck in police custody, Shakti tracks down Ratan Singh and kills him in broad daylight in front of several hundred people.

An enquiry unlocked, but no one came forward as a witness. In this way, Shakti acquires the reputation of a Don with a good heart, i.e. Dayavan. Shakti marries a local prostitute, Neela, and has two children, Suraj and Sarita. He becomes even more powerful and influential throughout Bombay, and his working partners are powerful crime bosses who have ruled Bombay for centuries. Eventually, Shakti replaces these gifts and becomes Bombay’s only gift.

It generates enemies for him and his family, but he is confident that he and his family will be safe since he didn’t hurt anyone. This belief will weigh heavily on his life and that of his family when the truth remains revealed that he is responsible for being kind to a person, which will finally lead to the ruin of the Hairy family.

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More About Dayavan Full Movie

Directed by Feroz Khan

Story by Mani Ratnam

Produced by Feroz Khan


Starring Vinod Khanna

Madhuri Dixit

Feroz Khan

Aditya Pancholi

Cinematography Kamal Bose

Edited by Feroz Khan

Music by Laxmikant Pyarelal

Release date

September 29, 1988

Running time 175 minutes

Country India

Language Hindi

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Who would have thought that today’s suave and sophisticated politician, Vinod Khanna, would have been brave enough to make so much noise with a wet and wild kiss! Although the veteran actor’s heated clinch with Madhuri Dixit didn’t do much for Dayavan’s box office, it remains single of the most memorable moments in Indian celluloid history. The press keeps asking Akshay and Rahul, Khanna’s children, about “that kiss”!

During this fight, Dayavan meets a little thug, Shanker (child version of Feroz Khan), who is impressed with Dayavan’s fighting skills, flair, generosity, purity, and all those good things for me, the personality traits. In real life, Khanna’s possessions (Rahul, Akshaye and Vinod) don’t you? OK, real life, whatever, back to the movie. Dayavan brings Shankar back to his true inner badass nature, for within the composed orphan lies a heart capable of murderous rage as he witnesses injustice!

However. it starts with a poor little orphan, Shakti Vellu, Dayavan (child version of Vinod Khanna), seeing her father in part murdered by corrupt policemen. Moreover, he has to flee his southern home and hide in Bombay for safety. Only to run into seaside punks who try to beat and rob him.