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A server is a system that provides resources, data, services, or programs to other computers, known as clients, over a network. In theory, those computers that share resources with client machines are considered servers. Many servers, such as web servers, mail servers, and virtual servers.

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At the same time, an individual system can provide resources and use those of another system. This means that every device could be both a server and a client.

The earliest servers were mainframes or microcomputers, so named because they are much smaller than mainframe computers. However, they eventually outgrew desktop computers as technology progressed, making microcomputers somewhat misnomer.

Types of Servers You Should Know

In the technological world, staying connected is essential for companies, governments, and any area of ​​our society. In this sense, the types of servers act as information banks so that we can all use the network.

If you want to know what a server is, the types of servers, and why you should hire services from companies with their equipment, keep reading!

What is a Server?

Before moving on to our list of server types, let’s put a bit of context into what a server is.

In short,  it is a  device or computer infrastructure that is part of a network and provides information to other servers. This information can be transmitted from computer to person and is of different types:

In turn, according to the function performed by the server, different classes have a determining role in technology and the Internet. Servers can be used to:

How do the Servers Work?

As we mentioned at the commencement of this post, the servers have the objective of covering the need for different demands for information such as audio, emails, videos, images, apps, and databases.

Many of the tasks that we carry out in everyday life are protected by the work of a server. However, we do not realize it until some unforeseen mishap occurs.

Types of Servers that Currently Exist

Due to the immense expansion of the Internet and the digital services that society needs to function,  the servers have served as processors of thousands of data such as emails, text documents, audio, videos, images, programs, business services, and databases. Of data, and many more.

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