Best Gaming Computers So you’ve been saving for months but still can’t decide which type of gaming computer is best for you? Do you need something that can go with you wherever you go, or do you want something that can give you the best performance regardless of cost or portability?

If this dilemma has had you scratching your head for a long time, check out our guide to the top 3 options currently available on the market and select the best for you.

Different Options Of Gaming Computers

Best Gaming Computers

First of all, custom computers are built by parts that you choose. It indisputable that self-built PCs offer more value, better performance, and the ability to improved over the years as new components come onto the market.

However, building a computer can  a tedious process. Find out which component fits which slot, if this motherboard is compatible with that processor, or if you need a graphics card or two.

All of these different factors will depend on how you plan to use your computer on a day-to-day basis. If you’re looking for something that can hold up to a League of Legends game, a machine under $ 600 will enough to get the job done. But if you want to play Crysis 3 in 4K resolution and ultra graphics settings, the price of your computer will skyrocket considerably.

Not only that, but there also changed types of processors and graphics cards that divided between computers for high-performance work and machines designed for gaming. Graphic quality in a war field, for example. If you are going to work in 3D design in the medical field, you will be better off investing in a Titan Z than in a GTX 980, since one made to handle a lot of data processing, while the other was designed strictly to obtain the best.

Providentially, resources are available for people who want to build their PCs but don’t know where to start. Communities like r / Build Mea PC on Reddit are a place where anyone can post their budget and what they plan to use their computer on so that the forum responds with all the parts you will need a listing and at the best price available on the market.

Specialty Gaming Laptops And The Portability Argument

Another category of machines laptops designed for gaming, and these can offer an all-in-one experience that consumers looking for today.

Aside from an external mouse, everything you need to start your game and begin exterminating enemies included in the laptop. That no-frills approach appreciated by anyone who doesn’t want to bother putting together a gaming computer on their own.

Also, if you are always traveling and need to get your game fix. A particular gaming laptop perfect for playing a bit while you make your monthly visit to Grandma’s house. It might get a bit hot (gaming laptops notorious for their problems with proper heat dissipation). But ultimately it will get the job.

The caveat with this choice is that when compared to desktops built for gaming purposes, you will never get the same amount of power for the price. Often the graphic cards of this type of laptop will have an identifier with the letter “M” at the end of their name (the GTX 980M, for example), which denotes that although the basic architecture from the same family as the original size version, many chips inside have trimmed so that it can fit into the space of a laptop.

Finding a laptop with enough battery to sustain an intense gaming. Session for more than a couple of hours is also challenging. It means that even though you may enjoy portability for a while if you plan on doing a gaming marathon. You should stay close to an electrical outlet before you run out of power and lose progress.

So maybe the decision between building your computer to play games. Or getting a laptop is not so much about price as it is about portability. Gaming laptops can still run today’s most popular game titles (except perhaps something like Battlefield 4 in ultra 4K). But that capability will come at a significantly higher cost in comparison.

Pre-Built Custom Desktops: The Middle Point

One of the main reasons people with the gaming laptop experience over a custom-built desktop is portability and convenience. When you buy a gaming laptop. You know that everything will work as it should from the moment you take it out of the box.

No problems are installing Windows, setting this option, or changing that menu – everything is there and ready to use. Now. Some companies are willing to do the heavy lifting for you and not charge you a lot for the effort. The pack leader is Cyber Power PC. A manufacturer of custom computers with the broadest range of options. For choosing the parts and processors that best fit your budget.

Cyber Power is not the only company in the market providing high-quality computers designed for gaming—others like Digital Storm. I Buy Power, and  Velocity Micro offer desktops at all price ranges. Even the cheapest of each line can have enough power to run current popular games. Except for the most demanding ones like Crisis 3 and The Witcher III.