Mulshi Pattern Full Movie Download

Mulshi Pattern Full Movie Download


Mulshi Pattern is a 2018 Indian Marathi crime thriller directed by Pravin Tarde and produced by Abhijit Bhoseil, Genuine Production, and Punit Balan Entertainment. The film stars Om Butka, Mohan Joshi, Upendra Lima. The film is based on the actions in Mulshi, Pune, and describes the needs of the farmers and their connection to the underworld. Therefore,  film was released on November 23, 2018. In 2021 a remake will be released with the title “Anti: Therefore,  Final Truth” with Ayasha Sharma and Salman Khan in the leading roles.

Details of the Movie:

Directed by: Pravin Tarde

Written by:

  • Kiran Dagade Patil
  • Pravin Tarde

Produced by:

  • Abhijeet Bhosale
  • Punit Balan

Starring :

  • Om Bhutkar
  • Pravin Tarde
  • Mohan Joshi
  • Upendra Limaye

Cinematography: Mahesh Limaye

Edited by:

  • Rameez Dalal
  • Mayur Hardas
  • Akshay Salve

Music by: Narendra Bhide

Production: Abhijeet Bhosale Genuine Production

Companies: Punit Balan Entertainment

Distributed by:

  • Abhijeet Bhosale Genuine Productions
  • Kiran Dagade Patil Productions

Release date: November 23, 2018

Country: India

Language:  Marathi

Box office: 36 cr

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This film has been in the news for a long time. Praveen Tarde directs Mulshi Pattern, the film stars Om Butka, Mohan Joshi, Mahesh. And also, Manjrekar and Upendra Rimaye. The film is about the hardships faced by the farmers and deals with some of the burning issues of our times.

More Details about the Movie Mulshi Pattern Full Movie Download

Mulshi Pattern Full Movie Download

The film begins with gangster Rahul Patel, aka Rahul, cremating his childhood friend and accomplice Ganesh, also known as Gain, after being killed by their rival gang. A rival team led by Dayi and Pete then chases Rahula down the streets of Pune. And also, Through a series of recollections, the film shows how Rahula became a gangster.

Sahara Patil (Rahul’s father), a farmer, is forced to sell his land. Rahul feels his family has lost their dignity. Sahara then works as a security guard in a construction bungalow but is fired and insulted after accidentally damaging his car. However, Along with Rahul’s friend Genie, the family moved to Mulshi to work as laborers. Rahul refuses to work because she blames her father for the family problems. Later, Rahul sprays in love with Dipali, the descendant of the labor leader. One morning, Rahul violently beats and kills a contractor who was harassing his father. Rahul and Ganya start working for Bhai. Rahul then studies that it was Nanya Bhai who forced Rahul’s father to lose his land. In payback, Rahul kills him and takes control of the gang. Therefore, Nani Bhai’s murder sparks a war between gang members.

Rahul tries to take over all the land and businesses that the companies have built on Mulshi, angering the other gangs. Newly hired inspector Vital Godbolt (Upendra Rimaye) decides to kill himself to reduce the crime rate. Rahul is friends with the young boy and gives him a weapon in case of an emergency. Rahul then goes to marry Diwali, but she wastes because he is a gangster. When he reunites with his family, he learns that other family members are making a living cleaning the house while enjoying the proceeds of crime. When Rahul asks Sharma to laugh again, his father replies that Rahul’s job makes him happy. Eventually, rival gangs unite to defeat Rahul. Rahul’s gang weakens, and many of his gang members killed, including Gaya.


Patel makes a living by selling his land, and the money spent in no time. He then takes a job as a safety guard to accomplish his task but forced to move to Pune due to financial problems. So, Patel gets a career as a loader in Pune. And also, His son Rahul accuses him of losing everything and is unhappy with him.