What’s in your toolbox?  It’s an obvious question that plumbers and other tradies get asked a lot – but we think there’s a clear flaw in the question itself.  Why’s that?  Because the current trend is full-throttle in the direction away from rigid, heavy and cumbersome tool boxes, and very clearly on the fast-track to the big plumbing trend of 2022 so far … the tool bag.

On the surface, the differences may seem minor: after all, instead of a rigid box, a tool bag is fundamentally in the same category but made of flexible materials like fabric, nylon, polyester or even leather.  So why the big push for tool bags?  Let’s make the case:

1. Weight

If a casual bystander ever asked a plumber if it was ok if they felt the weight of their toolbox, they’d probably just giggle and agree – and then listen in amusement to the strain before the toolbox thudded back down to earth.  In other words, tool boxes are heavy – and tool bags are not quite as heavy.  That simple.

2. Comfort

But it’s not just about the weight, because the way a toolbox is normally picked up is with an equally rigid – and usually small – handle, as opposed to the soft, comfortable and often long handles and straps that go with the typical modern tool bag.  After all, just try attaching a shoulder strap to a hard, heavy toolbox with all its pointed corners and edges and see how comfy that feels.  Not just that, with a toolbox handle in one hand, that hand is most definitely out of action.  With a toolbag over the shoulder, though, hands-free is still a possibility.

3. Variety

Now, we’re not trying to say the tool box range isn’t vast – because it is.  But with all those extra materials, shapes, handles, straps & compartment options that open up in the world of the flexible tool bag range, tool transport variety enters an all new realm.  Better still, the new modern tool bag range matches practicality with style in unprecedented ways, not to mention all the unprecedented storage area solutions for safe and clear convenience – such as pouches and compartments on the outside as well as the inside.  You might hear plumbers argue the case for toolboxes because of the clearly defined compartments, but bags take tool organisation to a new level.

4. Durability

Unless you go for a particularly strong (and particularly heavy) toolbox material, which normally means the hard metals, toolboxes normally have a very clear use-by-date.  That’s because, no matter how those normally plastic-like materials are put together for a rigid shape, hard daily use and exposure to tough conditions will eventually end up with cracking and other forms of degradation.  The thing about the materials used for tool bags is that hard, repeated use doesn’t tend to affect the long-term durability of the bespoke durability of the materials used, whilst normally also being waterproof as a bonus.

5. Novelty

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the tool bag world at present is that it’s most definitely on-trend.  That means the manufacturers are clamouring hard for market share, resulting in some of the coolest developments we’ve ever seen in tool storage for years.  Tool bag with lights?  Check.  Speakers?  Check again.  Modern security options?  You guessed it.

Most tradies like the hardest-working plumbers will admit that their tool organisation could do with an update.  After all, it’s those sort of details that convert the most easily not only to more efficiency but also brand reputation.  And who has ever felt more frustrated about their work by upgrading the gear they use every single day?  If you’re ready to make the tool bag switch, get in touch with our experts at RS Components for some specialist advice.