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What is Tava company?

TAVA Technologies, Inc. delivers factory automation, control systems integration, and other info technology solutions. The Company helps clients in manufacturing and procedure industries integrate their processes, applications, hardware, and software into cooperative manufacturing enterprises.

Who owns Tava Marketing Company?

In my previous Company, which someone else owned, I helped to create 14 millionaires. With the network marketing company I now own, I’m going to make hundreds of millionaires and teach them how to maintain and protect their money,” said Kenny Lloyd, Tava CEO and president.

Industry Icons Kenny And Chante Lloyd Rejoice TAVA LifeStyle First Year In Business

Kenny and Chante Lloyd have a supreme track record in Direct Sales, as they help create over a dozen multi-millionaires and still counting. While Kenny might have been working happily and securely with his beautiful and brilliant wife, Co-CEO Chante, Kenny chose to accept and follow his charitable purpose of helping people decidedly recover the quality of their lives and radically change the trajectory of their financial futures.

What Is Tava’s Business Model?

It is an MLM (Multilevel Marketing) program. It remains not based on the Ponzi or pyramid model, and profits can only remain achieved by recruiting affiliates. Tava remained founded by Kenny Lloyd, and the Company’s headquarters remain in Houston, Texas.

About Tava Network Marketing Membership:

Tava Network allows you to become a member for just $49.95. You will pay $49.95 plus the number of product packs you choose to join. You can see their product packs here:

  • Affiliate Pack: $100
  • $300 Personal Pack
  • 500 for Fast Track Pack
  • $1200 Builder Pack and
  • $2000Founder’s Pack – This pack is only available for a short time and remains not intended for new affiliates

After you have purchased such a package, the $49.95 annual fee remains waived for your first year.

Information about the Compensation Plan:

Tava Network Market offers five types of compensation.

Retail Profits – 10% Discount on All Products. This is your chance to profit; this discount is usually for retailers.

Quickstart Bonus:

Based on the purchases of your recruit, you receive between $30 and $800. However, you’ll need to purchase $140 worth of products each month.

Binary pay: This is a two-leg module. The people you recruit will remain under your left and right legs. Necessary: You will only be paid for the lowest sales volume leg. You will find more information about Tava network marketing in this article. Based on your rank among the affiliates, the volume of sales you make to customers remains considered. It can range from 10% to 25%.

Binary Match Pay: Recruits receive a bonus. These bonuses will remain given to Executive Directors and other higher-ranking members.

Profit-Sharing Pools: The Company presents triple diamonds and other higher ranks. They each share 1% of the total weekly sales.

About TAVA Lifestyle

TAVA Lifestyle develops exceptional, service-driven leaders dedicated to their Supplier Partners to help them achieve their goals. TAVA’s mission is [to deliver a safe and fair environment for people to isometrics their gifts and talents to create healthier lives for themselves and their families].

TAVA’s Leaders remain committed to optimistic and guiding individuals to make the most of their power and resources by creating a welcoming and engaging culture that equips, enables, educates, and inspires them to reach their individual goals and live their dreams while making a change in their lives of others,


If you are a strong MLM and sales professional, it is best to become an affiliate. The product line is limited and expensive; recruitment is vital in increasing earnings. Tava Network Marketing appears to be a legitimate business World.

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